I'm Sofia Roper

I’m all about making life simpler, easier, and more efficient for coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs.

Here are some interesting facts about me

  • I was born in Vienna, Austria and we immigrated to South Africa when I was seven.
  • After finishing school, I became a goldsmith and jewelry designer and started my own business at 23.
  • It’s during those years that I bought my first computer and fell in love with technology. It clicked with my problem-solving practical brain.
  • In 2001 I left South Africa and after traveling for a while, settled in San Diego, California.
  • I became a financial advisor, divorce financial planner, and transition consultant.
  • In 2008 I read Tim Ferris’s 4-Hour Workweek and my dream of an online business was born.
  • I was always the person everyone came to for tech help and I used it to make my businesses more efficient.
  • After a divorce in 2010, I took a Sabbatical to figure out what I’d like to do next since I didn’t have a passion for financial services.
  • For the next 5 years I honed my tech and web development skills purely because I loved it. I played around with WordPress and found that it was creatively satisfying, just as jewelry design had been.
  • When I left San Diego to move to Oregon, I stayed with two different friends who each needed help with their computers. After setting things up for them so that it was simpler and more efficient they both said; “You’re very good at this and have so much patience. You should do it as a business.” Well that’s all the encouragement I needed.
  • Shortly after settling in Oregon, I started my tech and web development biz and clients started calling me the Tech Whisperer. (Ask me why)
  • When my grandson was born, my daughter and her family decided to move to Knoxville, Tennessee. Since they were my only family in the US, I moved there too.
  • I have a son who lives in South Africa, mom and brothers in Austria, and cousins in Australia. We are truly global citizens.
  • I love problem-solving and finding creative solutions to life’s challenges.
  • I’m a tennis player, love learning new things, speak 3 1/2 languages, and am told I have a wicked sense of humor.
That's enough about me. Shall we work together?

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