Does tech frustrate you? Let me make it simple, efficient, and fun for you!

Tech Savvy Sofia

Programs and Apps

I'l help install, set up, troubleshoot, and recommend helpful apps that will make your tech life easier and more fun. 

Online Presence

I'll create a simple, user-friendly, optimized WordPress site or landing page that clearly conveys your message.

Learn and Master

I will teach you how to get the most out of your computer, software programs, online media or WordPress site.


Barbara Feinstein

Sofia is the only tech I have met who makes entering the electronic age not only easy but fun - all done with warmth, good humor, incredible patience and an impressive intelligence. She is a rare gem!


I love working with Sofia. She makes my tech issues easier with her skill and insight. She simplifies the issues without dumbing them down. I'm glad she's out there and so available.


I have a business that involves a lot of online media, content and transactions. I also have very little time to learn all of the intricacies of WordPress and the many other apps that make up a working site. This is where Sofia comes in. What I most appreciate about her is that she blends her getting things done on a Zoom call session - with teaching me a little more each time, about how the apps work and how they interact with each other. I am also thrilled at how fast Sofia has responded when something odd or unexpected has happened on the site... what a life saver!

Sofia's love affair with technology began in the 90's when she purchased her first computer and discovered that she had a natural aptitude for it. The way it made life simpler and more convenient was a perfect match for her practical, problem-solving side.

She loved to research and would spend hours learning and experimenting with the best ways to utilize programs and applications for maximum efficiency and ease. To satisfy her creative side she would create WordPress websites for herself and some of her friends.

Sofia's tech and web skills augmented her first two businesses - a jewelry store and a financial planning practice. She then decided to turn her hobby into her next business. Now she gets to simplify, teach, and design for her clients - three of her favorite things!

Sofia Roper Simplifies Tech

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